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"Working with Ryan is quite enjoyable, he is articulate and thoughtful in his guidance through posing and expressions, creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. It is easy to see that he has a keen eye for composition and emotion. His desire to improve on some alternative video techniques indicated that he is a true artist continually exploring creative possibilities." Mark Jeffery.

"Ryan was great to work with. He did a great job capturing our wedding on film. The wedding videos we received from him turned out great. My wife and I have already recommended him to a friend and will continue to do so again in the future." Bryce Beach.

"Oh yeah!!! We made the promo film for the best videographer in Utah! Those of you looking for someone for all your upcoming weddings look no further! This man is not only talented and creative but he makes the whole process comfortable and a total blast! He takes the time to know you and your story and makes all the best memories last a lifetime!!! I am choked up watching our video every.single.time. remembering all the overwhelming emotions from marrying my very best friend and celebrating with our friends and family! ❤❤❤ can never thank you enough Ryan!" Brittany Babcock

What Makes Us Different?

Ryan Hender Films specializes in documentary style corporate videos. We do Kickstarter campaigns, small business promotional films, and even adoption profile videos. 

With our unique eye for detail, we're able to capture YOU and help your clients see you for who you really are. 

Corporate Videography

Professional photography is a true art. You can teach someone to "take a picture" but not everyone has an eye for art. I love capturing once in a lifetime events through the lens and creating timeless art for my clients. 

Wedding + Family Photography

Some artists paint with a brush, others with words and emotion. My art is creating beautiful, one of a kind, cinematic masterpieces that for my clients to cherish for generations to come. 

Our transparent pricing makes it easy to know what you'll be spending right from the start, no surprises here! 

Wedding Videos

I believe in being on time, this means being early. If you book from 2-6pm, expect me to be there an hour or so early. My work doesn't do itself, it takes hours of work before and after you see me. 


Every time I am recording video, even just for a few seconds, I have a vision of exactly how I intend to use that piece in the finished product. If a client comes to me with an idea, but I can't visualize how I would shoot, or edit the work, I will not accept the job. 


I've been crafting videos for over ten years. Everything in life has a tempo, and a flow. Understanding this is critical to creating videos that suck the viewer in. Whether it be a wedding video, or promotional film, the details are the same.


Each video can be delivered either on DVD or via a High Definition link or embed code that you can share with anyone worldwide. 

More than video

When it comes to high quality video, audio is just as important as the footage itself. I take the time to record sound separately and sync in post, this process ensures higher quality audio that significantly increases the overall quality of a video. 


I pour my heart and soul into each video that I produce. Each video is produced in order to give all viewers the sense of being there in that exact moment. 

Stories are told through the eyes. It takes a unique talent to pick up on those special moments, and then use them to convey true feeling in a finished piece. 

Video production is a lot more work than most people realize, which is why many video production companies charge so much. As a "One Man Band" with low overhead, I pass the savings onto you!

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Utah Wedding Videos

Wedding days are the first, and certainly the very last day that all of the people most special to you will be in the same place at the same time. In the first stages of planning your wedding, you’ll budget for everything that you want. You’ll pick where you want your wedding to be held, maybe in a beautiful vineyard in Salt Lake City, or maybe a beautiful waterfall in Utah County. You’ll decide whether you want to serve lunch or dinner, and then you’ll decide if you want to have it catered or have a pot luck. 

You’ll pour over classified ads, and local searches for the very best vendors your budget can buy. There are different styles of Wedding Photographers, and not everyone thinks about Wedding Videographers. Maybe you want to hire a DJ, but maybe your budget won’t allow it. Whatever the case may be, there is only one thing that really counts when it comes to hiring all the vendors for your big day, your wedding day. Who you hire makes all the difference in the world.

When it’s all said and done, your wedding day will come and go, the flowers will wilt, and your dress will be sent off to collect dust in an attic somewhere, what will you have to show for it? Assuming that you hired the right photographer, and wedding videographer, you’ll have some fantastic memories that your family will treasure for generations to come.

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"Ryan did such a great job of capturing the most important moments of our wedding! He was SO easy to work with and was extremely flexible. He is a great person in general and was a pleasure to be around for the whole family." 

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"Ryan did such a great job filming our wedding and capturing all the key moments. Unlike many videographers, he did not charge by the hour but just said he would film as long as he felt was needed to capture everything. To our surprise, he stayed until the very last song! He even filmed our rehearsal dinner as well, and came to my house to film me while I was getting ready. He was a lot of fun to work with too and very professional. I would HIGHLY recommend Ryan Hender as your videographer!" Julie H.

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When you want the BEST, never settle!

We specialize in wedding Utah Wedding Videos that will BLOW you away. We're not talking about simple "music video" style wedding videos. 

Ryan Hender Films is an experienced, award winning, Utah Wedding videographer with a passion for creating amazing, Cinematic Wedding Videos all around the country, and traveling the Globe.